• I have been babysitting since I was 14, and I used to always do this in the street. When I started studying here, I found it quite difficult to find nice babysitting addresses here. Amsternannies is a solution for me; I can always work on a flexible basis. Sometimes I babysit for a whole day, but also a lot of evenings. So far, all the families I've been to have been SO sweet and fun!


    - Law student

  • As a self-employed person, I work three days a week and I find it ideal to also babysit for two days. Every Thursday and Friday I look after Max (3) and Loek (1). During the day we go outside together a lot, we often do some shopping and at the end of the afternoon I often give them a bath and we eat together. I think it's great fun to build such a good bond with the boys, but also with the parents. The ideal change from my office job!


    - Self-employed

  • Aimée and Celine were only 8 days old when I was allowed to start as a Maternity Nanny. It was a wonderful few months to be so close to this family during this special period. I helped give (expressed) milk, gave the girls a bath and spent hours walking around with them in the baby carrier and cuddling on the couch. I didn't want to start a job straight away after graduating, so this will work very well for me in the coming months. I can indicate whether or not I can accept a family and we often discuss what hours I will come.

    Melanie, Maternity Nanny

    - Graduated from the UvA

  • Every Monday I pick up Philip and Anna from school with the cargo bike. Often at least one friend comes along and we all go to the playground in the afternoon. At the end of the afternoon I have to go to hockey training with Philip and I play a game with Anna in the clubhouse or we play hockey together on a field. I hope I can babysit here for a long time :-)

    Yip, Nanny

    - Business student

  • I have been babysitting three children in Amsterdam Center for 2.5 years. I pick them up from school with the cargo bike at 2:45 PM. We usually stay in the schoolyard to play for a while or take friends home with us. On Thursday afternoon I have to go to football training with them. At the end of the afternoon I cook for the children and eat with them. For me it is easy to combine with my working groups in the morning and I like that the days always look different with children.

    Valentine, Manny

    - Student Econometrics

  • I have been a proud Amsternanny since 2017! Babysitting is very varied for me; I babysit for 2 permanent families 3 days a week and occasionally I add an evening. It's great to do fun things with the children and also contribute to their education together with the parents. It's great to see how they grow up and there is of course nothing more beautiful than when a child says: Kiki, you are really sweet!

    Kiki, Nanny

    - Midwifery student

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