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At Amsternannies we ensure that you can start at short notice with a family that suits your experience and preferences. We think it is important to have a lot of contact with our Nannies to be sure that you are really enjoying yourself. We are always there for you with a (babysitting) question during babysitting or outside of babysitting. If you are unable to babysit for your permanent family, we will look for a nice replacement. You can take a Pediatric First Aid course with us, so that you can be even more confident while babysitting. If you can commit to a longer period with a family, it is interesting to work as a Premium Nanny. You will then follow the Nanny Academy program and receive a higher hourly rate.

As an Amsternanny you have a lot of experience in babysitting children of different ages. You are proactive, flexible and enjoy helping with housework, such as shopping, cooking and ensuring that the house is tidy at the end of the day.
While babysitting, you enjoy engaging in educational and age-related activities with the children. Babysitting is the ideal job for you; You can work with us full-time or spend 1 or 2 days at your current job or study.

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