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Through a reliable network, we always provide an experienced Nanny for your children. During the intake interview we would like to hear everything about your family; the characters of your children, important norms and values in your upbringing and of course all practical information. This way the Nannies know exactly what to take into account and what to expect.

Our Nannies often come to us through current Nannies, which ensures a nice and trusted network. After a personal intake interview with the Nanny, at least two references are called. We pay extra attention to children under the age of two. In addition to the experience, we think it is especially important that the Nannies really enjoy spending time with the children.

All Nannies can take a Pediatric First Aid course with us. And we offer various training courses, such as Pedagogy or Maternity Nanny training, so that they can call themselves a Premium Nanny. In addition to a lot of practical experience and extra knowledge, they can commit to babysitting on a fixed day for at least 3 to 4 months. The hourly rate of the Premium Nannies is therefore higher and amounts to €15.00 per hour.

Regardless of which type of Nanny you choose, you can always trust that she is professional and reliable.

Our services

  • Fixed babysitting service

    We manage your planning and ensure that a Nanny is always available. We ensure as much continuity as possible and, where possible, the same Nanny on the fixed day.

  • Flexible babysitting service

    Would you like to go out for dinner one evening or does the school or daycare center have a study day? Then we always have a Nanny available for you, even at the last minute.

  • MaternityNanny

    In the first weeks after the birth, many families could use some extra help during this special, but also challenging period. Our Maternity Nannies are the perfect addition to maternity care.

  • NightNanny

    A Night Nanny is a professional and experienced Nanny who takes care of your baby at night, so that you can sleep through the night.

  • Shared Nanny

    Amsternannies offers the opportunity to share a Nanny; This way the children can play together and you share the costs.

  • Holiday Nanny

    Our Nannies are there to ensure that you and the children have a fantastic holiday. They can go out with the children or stay at the house when the children are sleeping.

  • Event Nanny

    Our Nannies are available for events of all sizes; from a gender reveal to weddings or large company parties.

  • Manny

    A boy, a Manny, who comes to babysit! Research shows that from a pedagogical point of view, Mannies make a positive contribution to the development of children.

  • We had a Night Nanny, Nanny Lizzy, and she was absolutely amazing! She was like an angel to us. Emma didn't sleep well for months, so we decide to start with a Night Nanny. If only we had done this sooner!

    Sophia and Nicolas

    - Baby Emma

  • We had such a wonderful day at our wedding on Saturday and the Nannies were the best!! We have had the girls as Nanny several times recently and they are great! Thank you, Amsternannies the best!!

    Lot and Gijs

    - 3 children

  • Every Friday Manny picks up Tim, Helmer from school. They often go to the skate park together or play with Lego at home. Helmer really enjoys getting 1 on 1 attention from Tim, he really feels like a big brother.

    Guido and Sofie

    - Helmer (7)

  • Really great. All the stress of a babysitter canceling is taken away from me. The Nannies are really nice one by one and give me and my daughter a familiar feeling.


    - Puck (3 years)

  • Amsternannies always arranges someone if something changes at the last minute. Really nice to have this at hand. Contact with the girls at the office is good and relaxed and we are all very enthusiastic about the Nannies so far!

    Annefloor and Pieter

    - Cato (4 years) and Liv (1 year)

  • Every Wednesday we have our permanent Nanny Eva. She undertakes fun activities with the children and ensures that everything is cooked at the end of the day. If she can't make it, I think it's a solution because you are always able to solve problems. That's a must with my agenda! So very happy with it!

    Yvette and Willem

    - Thijmen (6), Pip (4) and Maas (2)

  • Last week we had a last-minute appointment that we had to go to and luckily Amsternannies managed to arrange it within an hour. Nanny Hannah is high on our favorites list!! She was absolutely great. Many thanks for introducing her to us!!

    Laura and Maarten

    - Isa (9), Victor (7) and Ella (5)

FAQ for families

What does the Amsternannies selection process look like?2023-09-12T13:46:13+00:00

90% from our Nannies comes to us via via. They register with us based on a reference from a current Nanny or family. She is then invited to the job interview and her experience is tested and discussed. At least two references are called per Nanny. Extra attention is paid to experience with children under the age of two. All Nannies can take a first aid course at Amsternannies and Premium Nannies also follow the Nanny Academy.

Can the Nanny also sleep over?2023-07-13T12:59:21+00:00

Yes, the Nanny can also be deployed during the night or for a whole weekend. Different rates apply for this request, please email us for more information.

Can the Nanny also babysit in the morning hours (before school or daycare)?2023-07-28T11:48:14+00:00

Yes, this is possible. The Nanny can also get up with the children, have breakfast and take them to school or daycare.

The Nannies are paid at least 3 hours per babysitting service. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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