• We had a Night Nanny, Nanny Lizzy, and she was absolutely amazing! She was like an angel to us. Emma didn't sleep well for months, so we decide to start with a Night Nanny. If only we had done this sooner!

    Sophia and Nicolas

    - Baby Emma

  • We had such a wonderful day at our wedding on Saturday and the Nannies were the best!! We have had the girls as Nanny several times recently and they are great! Thank you, Amsternannies the best!!

    Lot and Gijs

    - 3 children

  • Every Friday Manny picks up Tim, Helmer from school. They often go to the skate park together or play with Lego at home. Helmer really enjoys getting 1 on 1 attention from Tim, he really feels like a big brother.

    Guido and Sofie

    - Helmer (7)

  • Really great. All the stress of a babysitter canceling is taken away from me. The Nannies are really nice one by one and give me and my daughter a familiar feeling.


    - Puck (3 years)

  • Amsternannies always arranges someone if something changes at the last minute. Really nice to have this at hand. Contact with the girls at the office is good and relaxed and we are all very enthusiastic about the Nannies so far!

    Annefloor and Pieter

    - Cato (4 years) and Liv (1 year)

  • Every Wednesday we have our permanent Nanny Eva. She undertakes fun activities with the children and ensures that everything is cooked at the end of the day. If she can't make it, I think it's a solution because you are always able to solve problems. That's a must with my agenda! So very happy with it!

    Yvette and Willem

    - Thijmen (6), Pip (4) and Maas (2)

  • Last week we had a last-minute appointment that we had to go to and luckily Amsternannies managed to arrange it within an hour. Nanny Hannah is high on our favorites list!! She was absolutely great. Many thanks for introducing her to us!!

    Laura and Maarten

    - Isa (9), Victor (7) and Ella (5)

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