• Manny

    A boy, a Manny, who comes to babysit! Research shows that from a pedagogical point of view, Mannies make a positive contribution to the development of children.

  • Holiday Nanny

    Our Nannies are there to ensure that you and the children have a fantastic holiday. They can go out with the children or stay at the house when the children are sleeping.

  • Event Nanny

    Our Nannies are available for events of all sizes; from a gender reveal to weddings or large company parties.

  • Flexible babysitting service

    Would you like to go out for dinner one evening or does the school or daycare center have a study day? Then we always have a Nanny available for you, even at the last minute.

  • Fixed babysitting service

    We manage your planning and ensure that a Nanny is always available. We ensure as much continuity as possible and, where possible, the same Nanny on the fixed day.

  • Shared Nanny

    Amsternannies offers the opportunity to share a Nanny; This way the children can play together and you share the costs.

  • NightNanny

    A Night Nanny is a professional and experienced Nanny who takes care of your baby at night, so that you can sleep through the night.

  • MaternityNanny

    In the first weeks after the birth, many families could use some extra help during this special, but also challenging period. Our Maternity Nannies are the perfect addition to maternity care.