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Our mission


At Amsternannies, personal attention for families and Nannies comes first.

Our personal service makes Amsternannies unique among babysitting agencies. Do you need a Nanny? With one message we ensure that a good match is ready, so you don't have to make a selection yourself and wait for responses from the Nannies. Our account managers ensure that a Nanny is ready, even at the last minute, so that the planning is completely taken off your hands.

How it works

We schedule an (online) intake interview with each family, during which we would like to hear everything about your family. This way we can create an extensive family profile.

After the intake interview, we will look for the perfect match for you. If her profile appeals to you, we will schedule an introduction.
When both parties are enthusiastic, the Nanny can get to work.

We have regular contact with both the family and the Nanny, so that we continue to monitor whether everything is as desired.

We are available (almost) 24/7 for additional babysitting requests. We will arrange a replacement if a Nanny is ill or if you need a Nanny at the last minute. We ensure that there is a nice Nanny at all times.


We offer different types of babysitting services, tailored to the needs of the family:

  • Fixed Service (weekly recurring day)
  • Flexible Service (one-off & last-minute)
  • Holiday Nanny

  • NightNanny

  • MaternityNanny
  • Shared Nanny

  • Event Nanny

  • Manny

Register as a family

Find your perfect Nanny!

A good Nanny is worth gold. At Amsternannies we do everything we can to find the perfect match for you. We do this personally and do not outsource it to a platform. We think it is very important that you close the door behind you with a good feeling and know that the children have a good time with the Nanny. Personal contact with both the families and the Nannies is not only our starting point when making the match, this is an important part during the entire period at Amsternannies. We would love to meet you soon during an intake interview!

Become a Nanny

Get started with the nicest families in Amsterdam!

As an Amsternanny you can babysit for a fixed (midday) day per week or on a more flexible basis.
If you are still studying, it is sometimes more difficult to commit to a family for a longer period of time. We therefore also make a distinction between Nannies and Premium Nannies. In both cases, you have a lot of experience with babysitting and you really enjoy it. You are enterprising, proactive, flexible and also enjoy helping out around the house.

To become a Premium Nanny, follow the Nanny Academy program.

Register and we will ensure that you can get started quickly!

Discover our services

And find a great Nanny for every situation!

We founded Amsternannies in 2014 and since then we have proudly helped more than 2,700 families and deployed more than 3,900 Nannies. Our babysitting agency in the center of Amsterdam is known for our reliable network of Nannies and families and the personal attention. Discover our various services below and contact us.

  • Fixed babysitting service

    We manage your planning and ensure that a Nanny is always available. We ensure as much continuity as possible and, where possible, the same Nanny on the fixed day.

  • Flexible babysitting service

    Would you like to go out for dinner one evening or does the school or daycare center have a study day? Then we always have a Nanny available for you, even at the last minute.

  • MaternityNanny

    In the first weeks after the birth, many families could use some extra help during this special, but also challenging period. Our Maternity Nannies are the perfect addition to maternity care.

  • NightNanny

    A Night Nanny is a professional and experienced Nanny who takes care of your baby at night, so that you can sleep through the night.

  • Shared Nanny

    Amsternannies offers the opportunity to share a Nanny; This way the children can play together and you share the costs.

  • Holiday Nanny

    Our Nannies are there to ensure that you and the children have a fantastic holiday. They can go out with the children or stay at the house when the children are sleeping.

  • Event Nanny

    Our Nannies are available for events of all sizes; from a gender reveal to weddings or large company parties.

  • Manny

    A boy, a Manny, who comes to babysit! Research shows that from a pedagogical point of view, Mannies make a positive contribution to the development of children.

Read our references

In our last customer satisfaction survey from 2023, we were rated a 8,7 by our families!

  • Every Friday Manny picks up Tim, Helmer from school. They often go to the skate park together or play with Lego at home. Helmer really enjoys getting 1 on 1 attention from Tim, he really feels like a big brother.

    Guido and Sofie

    - Helmer (7)

  • I have been a proud Amsternanny since 2017! Babysitting is very varied for me; I babysit for 2 permanent families 3 days a week and occasionally I add an evening. It's great to do fun things with the children and also contribute to their education together with the parents. It's great to see how they grow up and there is of course nothing more beautiful than when a child says: Kiki, you are really sweet!

    Kiki, Nanny

    - Midwifery student

  • Last week we had a last-minute appointment that we had to go to and luckily Amsternannies managed to arrange it within an hour. Nanny Hannah is high on our favorites list!! She was absolutely great. Many thanks for introducing her to us!!

    Laura and Maarten

    - Isa (9), Victor (7) and Ella (5)

Our story

We, Evelien Hunink and Dorine van Lith, set up our babysitting agency Amsternannies in 2014 because we are both convinced of the benefits of childcare at home. After more than 10 years of babysitting experience, setting up a babysitting agency was a logical choice for us at the time. Amsternannies is a young and fast-growing babysitting agency, with a large reliable network of Nannies. “The combination of our fields (business administration & special education), our experience and our network, makes Amsternannies the babysitting agency in Amsterdam.” We are now mothers ourselves, Evelien from Hugo ('18), Emilie ('21) and number 3 is expected in January '24 and Dorine from Julian ('19) and Cato ('21).

As a Nanny, they were happy to take care of baby twins, a toddler and the household at the same time, but as a mother with 'only' 2 children, you run out of time. We are so grateful for all those fantastic Nannies who make it happen every day!







The Amsternannies Team

Dorine van Lith


Evelien Hunink


Ank van der Horst

Senior account manager

Anouk Ophof

Account manager

Rachel Charles

Account manager

Willemijn Snijders

Communications intern

Julia Kamminga

Fantastic account manager in the making

Stefanie van Rijn

Pedagogy intern

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for parents

What is the Nanny's hourly rate?2023-09-12T13:49:11+00:00

Nannies hourly rates
-hourly rate during the day for 1 child €11.00
-hourly rate during the day for 2 or 3 children €12.00
-hourly rate during the day for 4 children €13.50
-hourly rate in the evenings (after 7 p.m.) remains €9.50 - regardless of the number of children.

Hourly rate Premium Nannies €15.00 per hour, regardless of the number of children (up to 4 children)

The Nanny works via the Home Services Scheme, which means that you can pay the Nanny immediately at the end of the babysitting service. This can be done in cash or by bank transfer, most Nannies will send a payment request after the babysitting service. The Nanny is responsible for filing income taxes.

Can I request additional services with both subscriptions?2023-09-12T13:55:11+00:00

Yes, it is possible to request an extra (mid) day or evening in addition to the regular babysitting services. The mediation costs are €13.95 per additional babysitting service, in addition to the costs of your VAST subscription. There is no maximum purchase amount for this.

With the FLEX subscription you can purchase unlimited items and the mediation costs per additional babysitting service are €14.95. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice with the total number of babysitting services that have been purchased.

FAQ for Nannies

What experience do I need to have to work as an Amsternanny?2023-07-28T13:22:31+00:00

You must have a lot of demonstrable experience in babysitting children from 0 to 12 years old. You can also register if you have experience with part of this age group. In addition, we think it is especially important that you really like children!

I would like to work as a Premium Nanny, but I cannot commit 4 months. Can I still follow the Nanny Academy?2023-07-07T08:30:00+00:00

Of course! Once you have completed the Nanny Academy, you can also start working as a Maternity Nanny or Night Nanny. In addition, there are also requests from families who are looking for a Premium Nanny for a short period.

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