JIt's almost the child's birthday and that means children's parties are stressful ;-). It can sometimes be extremely difficult to come up with a fun and original party with appropriate activities. That's why we've made a list of seven detailed ideas for themes and activities. Hopefully this will help you organize an unforgettable party for your children.


Let kids dress up as their favorite superhero! You can decorate the table nicely with plates, napkins, flags with The Avengers theme. Organize activities and games related to superpowers. You can have them solve a riddle with which they can win a prize. Or supposedly having to save someone through a treasure hunt!

Construction party

Children can show off their building skills with a theme party around building and construction. Give them blocks, LEGO or craft materials and let them make their own buildings. You could also decorate the table with Bob the Builder accessories or tools to play with. 

Pirate adventure

Organize a pirate adventure, with treasure hunts and pirate costumes. Let the children look for hidden treasures in your backyard, forest or party location. There are often many plates, napkins and other party items that have to do with pirates. The candy treasure chests are also a must at this party. 

Circus party

Another super fun theme for a party is circus! A circus with clowns, magicians and circus activities such as juggling or a balance beam. Other activities such as ring throwing and catching ducks can also be a lot of fun. You can paint the children in all kinds of animals and clowns. 

Princess party

It is great fun when the children can dress up as princes and princesses. Provide beautiful decoration that can resemble a high tea! This gives a bit of a princess impression. Lemonade in teacups and tasty cake pops. Visit a castle in a forest, with an accompanying treasure hunt. A bouncy castle in the garden or on a lawn can also be appropriate for this theme. 

Sports party

Many young children like to be active. That's perfect for a children's party! Choose one or more favorite sports such as football, basketball or baseball as a theme and organize sports and game activities. You can decorate it nicely by hanging different balls, rackets or other sports equipment at the party location. In terms of snacks at the location: making cupcakes with fondant molds, football chips, tennis gumballs (for the older children), etc. It is also fun if you let the children come in their sportswear.


Some children are super interested in fossils and dinosaurs. Here too, you can often find a lot of decoration in the shops. Have the kids come as explorers or dress up as dinosaurs. Place toy dinosaurs across the table and turn on jungle sounds as background music. Let the children look for “fossils” in a sandbox or buy a digging set at a toy store. 

Choose a theme that suits your children's interests and make sure the activities and decorations complement the theme for an unforgettable children's party! And above all, have fun together. 

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