Expanding your family means a big change, whether this is your first child or an additional brother or sister. If it is not your first child, you also want to give the other children a lot of attention - so that they are involved in the new family situation.

You want to enjoy your new family and devote all your attention and energy well and, above all, do not forget about yourself. When the maternity assistant closes the door behind her after 49 hours, the Maternity Nanny will provide the help and support you need.

A maternity nanny can provide a bottle of (expressed) milk, so that you as a mother can take a quiet shower or sleep for a while. In addition, the Maternity Nanny likes to help with the housework, spreads rusk with mice for the maternity visit or cooks a healthy meal for the whole family.

If you already have older children, the Maternity Nanny can also do something fun with them, take them to and from school or daycare and help at home during rush hour.

Together we ensure that the maternity period has a golden edge!

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