DThe first day of school for your child is always very exciting for both the parents and the child. Most children go to primary school for the first time once they turn 4 years old. A 4-year-old child may still seem small, but most toddlers are already ready to go to school. 



School is a place where children are challenged, where they learn many new things and where they make friends. The first day of school is often more difficult for parents than for the child. A child may find it a bit scary at first, but they are often also very curious. 


How do you prepare your child for the first day of school?

It is best to announce your child's first day of school well in advance. This allows your child to live up to it. It is also an idea to buy a reading book about school, for example. While reading, you can explain to your child that she will also be going to school soon. You can also explain that you will go into class and then give them a hug, leave and wave at the window. They often hear from other children that they are going to school, which also makes it less scary. 

Many primary schools often offer adjustment days so that your child can get used to school. They then see the teachers and other classmates and also see how things are going in the classroom.


Tired from school

Your child will of course get all new impressions of the school they go to. After such a day, your child will often be tired or busy and sometimes a bit tearful because of all the impressions they have to process. It often helps a lot to tell your child that it is cool that they went to school. Extra cuddling and letting them go to bed early often also help very well.



  • Try to make the day before the first day of school and the day itself as normal as possible, so that your child feels as little tension as possible.
  • Get up a little earlier so that there is no rush to get to school on time on the first day of school.
  • Also be on time at the schoolyard to pick up your child after the first days of school.
  • Please find out in advance what the school hours are. This sometimes differs per primary school.
  • It is useful if your child is already potty trained, but just to be on the safe side, bring extra clothes.
  • It is useful for gym class if your child can already dress and undress most of the time.


Hopefully your child will have a great time at school and this information will help with their first day at school. 


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