VFor many, another winter sports holiday is planned. We have many Nannies who would like to go on a skiing holiday! 


What does a Holiday Nanny entail:

The Nannies support all aspects of the holiday: from entertaining the children, organizing meals or staying at the cottage, hotel or apartment when the children are asleep, so you can go out for dinner or a cup of coffee in the evening. can drink on the slopes. The nanny can also pick up the children from ski class if you want to go on a long trip. In short: she ensures that you and the children have a relaxing, sporty and fantastic holiday! 


Our Nannies are available for short or long stays depending on your needs and plans. You can get to know a nanny in detail before the holidays and she can come and babysit several times so that you can get to know each other. Contact us to discuss the possibilities! 


Nice to know about our Nannies

Our Nannies often come to us through current Nannies, which ensures a nice and trusted network. All nannies can take a Pediatric First Aid course with us. We also offer various training courses, such as Pedagogy training.


We would like to know everything about your family: the characters of your children, important norms and values in upbringing and of course all practical information. This way, Nannies know exactly what to take into account and what to expect.


Review by Nanny Kiki 

“Last February I was approached by Amsternannies, because they were looking for a Nanny who wanted to go on a skiing holiday with a family. I was really pleased that Amsternannies thought of me and because I am also a ski instructor myself, this request was perfect for me. This made it extra fun for me to take on this request and I was also able to help the children with their skiing. I also did many other fun activities with the children: we had a nice meal together, swam in the hotel and sledded down the mountains. It was a very nice experience that I will not soon forget!”


Kiki made a video during the winter sports holiday and can be seen via the link below. 


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