KChildren love it when it's their birthday and they give them treats at school. Coming up with original and creative treats can sometimes be quite difficult. That's why we've come up with some super fun ideas so that your child can steal the show in class. 

Hot air balloon treat with fruit Unpleasant choice

How fun are these hot air balloons to hand out in the classroom. What you need are paper or plastic containers. Then you need decorated straws and some nice adhesive tape to assemble the hot air balloon. And don't forget the balloons and fruit of your choice. Do not inflate the balloons too big so that they fit nicely above the container. Make sure that the balloon is supported with three straws. Attach the straws to the container with a nice piece of tape. Place the fruit in the containers and then the treat is ready to be handed out. 

Strawberry pancake sticks 

Almost every child's favorite food is pancakes. Preferably with all kinds of sweet things on it, but a slightly healthier pancake can also be fun and tasty. These strawberry pancake sticks are super tasty. What you need are some pancakes, strawberries, strawberry jam and satay sticks. Once the pancakes are baked, the idea is to spread them on one side with strawberry jam. Then roll up the pancake and cut the pancake into rolls. Wash the strawberries and then the stringing can begin. Alternately thread a pancake roll and a strawberry onto the satay stick and end with a strawberry. Tip: Then stick all the sticks on half a melon so that it becomes a beautiful bunch of strawberry pancake sticks.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fruit is good for every child and that is why these caterpillars are never enough super fun but healthy to make. There is also a very nice children's book written about the caterpillar never enough. The caterpillar never enough eventually becomes a very beautiful butterfly at the end of the book. But back to the treat because there are a few things needed to make these beautiful caterpillars. You will need: green grapes, strawberries, satay skewers and two colors of icing to make the eyes. Thread five grapes onto the skewer and stick a strawberry on top at the end. Make eyes on the strawberries with the icing. The treat is then ready to be treated. 

Cats tangerine

How cute is this mandarin cat with candy ears. What do you need for this treat? Buy the number of tangerines you need for the treat. In addition, you will need a permanent black marker, orange candies for the ears and small satay skewers. Make a face on the tangerine with a marker. Then thread the orange candies onto two small satay skewers and stick them on top of the mandarin. The treat is ready to be handed out. 

Bubble blowing butterflies

Children really enjoy blowing bubbles. What is needed for these bubble blowing butterflies? Purchase the number of bubble blowers needed for your child's class. In addition, you also need colored papers, a black marker and colored straws or other colored threads. Cut wings for the butterflies from the colored paper and write the age and your child's name on the wings. Then glue the wings to the back of the bubble bladder. Use the marker to draw two eyes and a mouth on the cap on the side. Finally, cut two antennae and stick them on top of the cap of the bubble blower. The treat is ready to be handed out.      

Fries trays with cake fries and whipped cream mayonnaise 

Eating fries is really children's favorite food, which is why this treat is even more fun to make. What do you need to make this treat? You need: cake, whipped cream and chip trays with small forks. You can usually get containers at a chip shop to use for the treat. Cut the cake into strips and place them in the containers. Add the whipped cream in the container next to it and stick a fork into one of the fries. The treats are ready to be handed out. 

Popcorn in a drinking glass

Popcorn is of course part of watching a movie. But how fun is it to also hand out popcorn in the classroom. What you need is popcorn, drinking glasses with a cap with a hole in it and colored straws. Fill the glasses with the popcorn flavor of your child's choice, screw on the lid and insert a straw. Tip: hang a nice card with your child's age and name and tie a nice bow around it. 


We hope to give your child an unforgettable day at school with these creative treats.

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