LWriting is important to learn as a child. By also working on it at home, it quickly becomes fun for the children to learn letters. We have therefore found a number of fun exercises to do together with the children.


Practice teaching syllables to children: point to objects in the house or outside and let your child name them. Then clap together to count how many syllables that word has (for example: ta-fel, which is two claps). You can also have them tick it and, for example, look for words with many syllables or words with 1 syllable. This way you can turn it into a fun game. 


Point to an object or put a few fun items in a large basket. Together, think of rhyming words for the object chosen from the basket. For example, when a block is taken from the basket, think of block-sock. To make it a little easier for the children, you can also put objects in the basket that easily rhyme with each other. A few examples are: Beer-pear, Bag-coat, Pop-cap, Bottle-knife, Book-cookie, Plant-newspaper.

Letter scavenger hunt 

Write a few different letters on colored pieces of paper and hang them up in the house. Then the children can start the treasure hunt and look for the letters. When a letter is found, they can cross it out on the alphabet card. Another fun thing to do: give children a letter and then let them find as many objects as possible that start with this letter. 

Talking board

Print out a fun talking picture with your children that shows all kinds of things or grab a nice search book. Talk about it together, let them find and name things. You can always come up with a nice story yourself! 

Writing letters

There are notebooks where children can trace letters, but it is often fun if you write down words (words that they choose) and they can then copy them themselves. This helps them develop their handwriting and, when they are older, to be able to write sentences. 

Insert mosaic 

With Insert Mosaic, children can get creative and try to give the letters the right shape and use all kinds of fun colors. This ensures that the letters are studied well by the child.


How nice is it to make a beautiful necklace and then wear it proudly. The necklace can be made with various beautiful (letter) beads. For example, by letting the children string their name or another word on the chain, they learn the correct order of writing the word. 

With these exercises, learning letters will be perfect! 

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